Outdoor sports brands accelerate the pace of China's layout
With the recovery of the macro economy and the increase in the penetration rate of e-commerce, China's e-commerce trading market is becoming increasingly popular. The newly released monitoring report of China E-Commerce Research Center shows that in the first half of this year, the transaction volume of China's e-commerce market reached 2.25 trillion yuan, and this year's amount will exceed 4.3 trillion yuan.

According to relevant information, HI-TEC, the world's second largest outdoor sports brand, has launched an independent flagship store in Taobao, Pat, Donald, Dangdang and other third-party e-commerce platforms. The e-commerce platform HI-TEC China official mall wants to leverage the e-commerce to rush to more Chinese markets.

The splendid money scene of China's e-commerce market has attracted the attention of the world's major giants. These international giants have accelerated the pace of layout in China, and outdoor sports brands are no exception.

Founded in the United Kingdom in 1974, HI-TEC (Hai Tai Ke), taken from the combination of high and technoligy, contains high-tech meaning. After more than 30 years of continuous development and globalization, HI-TEC products have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world. HI-TEC CHINA e-commerce marketing director Weng Xiang believes that in China, e-commerce and outdoor are two industries that are developing at a high speed. It is obvious that the groups playing outdoors are very popular. The network is a good communication carrier, e-commerce and outdoor. The combination has huge potential space. Speaking of China's e-commerce marketing strategy, Weng Xiang summed up a word circle. The author interprets it as a Chinese e-commerce strategy that encircles outdoor communities and outdoor groups through various online marketing methods.

As Ma Yun said not to do e-commerce, you will regret it after 5 years. For e-commerce, you can only choose to accept him, but not accept or reject. Missed e-commerce, missed the opportunity to survive the future of the Internet. According to data from the European Outdoor Fellowship Institution, in 2009, HI-TEC ranked second in the market with an annual sales of US$250 million and a global market share of 8.4%, and its annual growth rate of 3.7% is a priority. HI-TEC CHINA's online sales, in August, single-day sales exceeded 1 million, also ushered in the development of the blowout.


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